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I don't understand why you guys are so negative to DanCopter?
Is it only because it's a new operator, or is it because you lost a contract to a competing company?

I don't know Caverton, but DanCopter isn't new on the offshore-scene. They've been flying in Denmark, Netherlands and Norway for years.

I work for Blueway myself, but not offshore. DanCopter is part of Blueway, and it's become a pretty large company covering every aspect of helicopter services, except HEMS. But we have Offshore, Long-line ops, SAR (Svalbard) and work out of Denmark, Norway and Sweden.
We also operate in Polar areas (Arctic/Antarctic).

As we speak, we have just arrived i Abu-Dabi with a Super Puma for a flaretip-change. We ferried the machine from Norway!
And we just shipped an AS350 with crew for a 5,5 month expedition to Antarctica.
That's the kind of expertise we have available in Blueway.

So, what's REALLY the problem with DanCopter operating in Nigeria, except that you feel stepped on....?

Please, come with some serious answers, don't throw shit...
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