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GNS430 - wonderful bit of kit! Get familiar with it on the ground. It does magical things, particularly when coupled to the autopilot.
Garmin have a simulator for the PC which I think you can find here
Free 400/500 Series & GNS 480 Simulators
The FAA has some stuff as well on it which you can find here
There's also bags of stuff on Youtube you can look at.

Some thoughts based on my experiences:
1. Do your downwind checks before you arrive in the circuit and get your speed back and wheels down. It's very embarrassing shunting a 152 up the backside.
2. Do check the wheels and the green light several times (I check on entry to circuit, downwind and final).
3. I think 177's have a mirror on the wing for the front wheel. You might like to see what you could do on the 172 legally.
4. With complex conversion, wheels are the easy bit. I found fiddling with the prop much more challenging.
5. Use the autopilot. I find it's invaluable when I leave the circuit. I put the autopilot on so that I can fiddle with prop and mixture and make ATC calls.
6. Don't use the autopilot...all the time. You should handfly to make sure your skills are maintained.
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