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I'd take up the offer of the previous poster to arrange handling or if he cannt do it have a word with Griffon Aviation who run the flight school there. I went a few years ago (direct from Crete, no need to trouble Larnica), thanks to Griffon I avoided paying a fortune in handling, crew bus fees etc etc still charged CyŁ25 for each 12hours or part for parking. Arrival wasnt much of an event but departure was a real faff back and to to endless offices filling in bits of paper and paying fees getting stamps all in took best part of 4 hours to get airborne.
As you can see I paid in CyŁ so it was a few years ago theyve gone euro since and theres a new opperator running the place so expect it'd cost even more now.
I had to get a written landing permission from a man at the "Ministry", he was very helpfull it arrived by e-mail within 24 hours, might not still be a requirement since they joined the EU ?

I have a holiday home there and visit 5/6 times a year c/o Easy not sure i'd bother taking my own in again, your not made welcome
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