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I have read all the posts here and I only really have one thing to say. You may hear VS pilots moaning but thats because we can. The pilot group have many issues with the erosion of T&C's and grumbles with the management. This should only be encouraging to you as we are very capable of voicing our opinions and making ourselves heard through a strong union.

All airlines are going through tough times and command times becoming longer. I would echo the thoughts of my colleagues about time away from home, but must admit I still enjoy 95% of my trips. Some are full on with lots of the crew and some (east coast) are not. Trust me, you don't want full on all the time.

If you are lucky enough to be on the A340 then you'll get min 12 days off a month, especially if you are willing to do a HKG/SYD/HKG pattern out of London. 9 days away for 5 days off afterwards. You don't get something for nothing anywhere.

It's still a good company to work for if you want long haul flying. If you believe that employed VS pilots think otherwise and haven't left to go elsewhere then work it out for yourselves.

Hope this helps, it's only meant to be constructive. Good luck to those of you who apply and get an interview. I hear that there will be a simple sim ride on a basic 737 sim for handling skills only

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