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I was asked several times about this by prospective "intensive" students, and we agreed to do it as long as they kept up with the ground school, which basically meant doing at least 1 exam a week, if they were finish in 6 weeks.

my own limted experience was that in all cases apart from 1 the student let themselves down by not studying in the evenings enough to keep to the schedule, so we had to suspend flying till they caught up, they would use such excuses as "I'm tired from all the flying"

so before you start on your "intensive course" I would say are you sure you mean it? because its quite intensive

also I agree with the 2 trips a day and 5 days a week comments, more than that can be diminishing returns. also definitely start studying now and go in to do the exams even if you havent started yet, as long as you are ready.

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