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......can't deny that reading most of the above is sad indeed - i will admit to having a huge desire to join Easy myself if i made the grade (purely selfish reasons including pay, roster and travelling time etc.) - now from what i read (and hear and interpret myself), it appears that for anyone with any kind of experience (me 860 hrs total, 560 jet/multi-crew), the future is definitely not changing, in fact i personally now believe things will never return to a point where this is a viable career.
As an aside, does anyone recall the conversations you used to have saying the hardest thing to do in this industry is get that first job ?? and how when you accrue approx. 500 hrs multi-crew/jet, that doors then start to open ?? to me, that all seems to have changed and it now appears that unless your a guy/gal with 2000+ hrs with a boeing/airbus rating of some kind (500+hrs on type of course), or a newly minted cadet willing to be raped senseless, the market for anyone inbeetween is effectively - well nothing ??!!! or am i just not looking in the right places ??
So, anyone in a similar position to me agree ?? are you finding a similar situation out there in job land ?? are you looking at other career options ?? just being nosey i guess but curious as well.
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