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Norman Stanley Fletcher
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SinBin - you may have ideas above yourself. No one forced you to work for easyJet and there are literally hundreds of pilots queuing up to take your place. From your tone you are clearly one of the BMI guys who faced redundancy earlier this year and were fortunate enough to be picked up by easyJet rather than go to the Middle East or onto the dole. For reasons I cannot understand you and some of your colleagues feel that easyJet is now beneath you, despite being offered preferential permanent contracts. You also feel there is some distinction between 'experienced contract pilots' like yourself and 'cadets' who are 'wholly different things'. You are indeed correct - cadets getting permanent contracts are delighted whereas you just hate easyJet and whine and bleat the whole time about how much you hate working here. Presumably you once had to undergo some sort of flying training to reach your current 'Grand Master' status and were once 200 hour pilots, even if only for a day. A number of our 'cadets' are now getting experienced too - many have had several seasons with us. Feel free to leave any time and return to a company that has, tragically, no strategic plan, no future and little hope. I genuinely feel sad that you and your colleagues have not enjoyed your time here and are desperate to leave. Having had so many negative BMI pilots who now want to bite the hand that fed them I will be surprised if we repeat the exercise in the future. I hope the promised land turns out not to be a disastrous graveyard of broken promises and misplaced hope. EasyJet, for all it's failings, is flying loads of brand new Airbuses, full of passengers, to all sorts of varied and interesting destinations. No, it's not perfect, but you would be hard put not to have at least some enjoyment doing it.

Regarding the recruitment issue, I concur with others - there are a lot of flexicrew pilots on the books now and there is a lot of slack in the system. The numbers of resignations are a closely guarded secret, and clearly there are more to come if Emirates, Etihad, BA and Virgin all start recruitment simultaneously. Nonetheless, my best guess is that we have had around 50+ resignations thus far - not enough to generate a problem.
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