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Thanks for the article link !
They want to announce if they are alive or dead by 16:00 Vilnius time (which is 14:00 UK) today (Friday) :

It's always striking how in Eastern Europe, they endorse so much the Free Market ideology, while e.g. in Italy, they give s**t about subsidisation rules to keep AZ flying. It's really not like FR is not subsidised (though indirectly).
There are the plans from Mr Flick in Riga to found a new airline based at VNO (though this is odd as BT - which he leads/has led already has a base there), he surely was aware that Star1 didn't pay VNO their fees.

Flick: it?s time to stop the chatter about conflicts of interests in Latvia :: The Baltic Course | Baltic States news & analytics

I think Star1 was the only VNO-UK direct flight, BT to LGW was summer-only. So I expect them to re-instate that on quite short notice, i.e. instead of VNO-MUC. The capacity FR has on KUN-UK is quite a lot, but I don't think esp around Christmas that will be enough (plus KUN isn't that convenient from Vilnius).
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