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If the reps all turn round and point out that they have had no problems with BA and maybe it's the BASSA leadership who are the cause of friction, then Woodley can use that to push BASSA to accept a deal. Moreover, it allows the other reps to give the BASSA exec a hard time.
The non-BASSA Unite reps have been grumbling for at least 12 months, and there has been serious displeasure that despite negotiating succesfully with BA they have had the signing of their respective deals held up by Unite in attempt to shore up an illusion of solidarity with the cabin crew. Functions such as Passenger Service, Ramp and MT have been slashed in recent years, with the threat of outsourcing always lurking in the background, but despite this the Unite reps at each of these departments have concluded acceptable agreements. If Woodley thinks these people are going to put their necks on the block because BASSA threw a hissy-fit about the CSD having to push a trolley for 70K p.a. he's got a nasty shock coming! He should remember which Union the majority of volunteer cabin crew belong to!
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