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Is this another item that Airbus used for the A330/340? I can't remember the exact arrangement for Concorde, but the 330 uses a clever lever arrangement at the top of the leg. Requires regular lubrication too or.
I was not even aware of this A33/340 similarity, sounds yet another case of Airbus using Concorde technology. (Immitation still is the greatest form of flattery I guess). As far as I am aware Concorde had none of the lubrication issues that you describe.
Why was the sidestay a telescopic affair? Most aircraft use a hinged geometric lock arrangement. More weight saving or down to available space in the landing gear bay?[/
I think it's a space saving issue TURIN, I'm not even sure if 'our' telescopic strut arrangement was any lighter. (The Concorde solution was also somewhat more elegant don't you think)?

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