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Runaround Valve
I believe that the main landing gear was shortened to fit into the wheel wells during the retraction sequence. As I see it, as the gear started to retract, the oleo`s were compressed to something like when the weight was on the wheels. Then a latch would have been applied before the gear reached the full up position to hold the gear strut compressed. I would like to find out more how this was accomplished.
This was quite a neat system, as the gear was retracted, a SHORTENING LOCK valve was signalled, allowing a relatively tiny jack to pull the entire shock absorber body into the body of the oleo progressively as the gear retracted. So the shock absorber itself never compressed on retraction, more like the whole shooting match was pulled inside the body of the oleo. On the ground the shortening lock was disabled, and also isolated by a geometric lock, the weight of the aircraft on the leg holding the shortening mechanism over centre.centre. Hope this helps.


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