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Thanks All,

Ando1bar, thanks, yeah it is a shame. I was looking on the net and saw something about FEE-HELP could be available for pilots already with a commercial licence. To sort of "stem" the flow of applications flooding the system. Good thing I think. Just finding things a little tight at the mo, and would like to increase my options by gaining a MECIR. I already have done all my training as an instructor but I never took the test. (Problems at the time!) I have all my notes etc and i'm still well versed, just finding it difficult to drum up the large amounts of cash needed to "get up to speed" as quoted by my local schools. So dilema time really, want to get back into flying again (career) but no cash. Anyone know of a company in Cairns who needs a old timer like myself? Ha! Cheers. 489TT
Sob story over!
Cheers all.
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