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Word has it that Bristow has lost its "ad-hoc" contract with Agip to Caverton, and is battling to renew the Chevron contract at expiration. Any truth to these? Could the reign/dominance of Bristow in Nigeria Helo industry be nearing an end?
appears so! If the rumour is true, got a feel sorry for the Bristow Shell pilots and engineers penciled in for Agip.
Oh dear some people will believe any rumour or be in a hurry to spread it when it's just that!

Time will tell, now matter how many soon-to-be Caverscummers may like to shed crocodile tears for those who decided that a salary always paid on time and no worry about whether one day the Nigerian tax man may just come asking about their unpaid tax is better than a huge salary (which of course nobody has yet got as Caverscum don't take over the Shell Warri and Port Harcourt EC155 contracts until next month, so nobody has yet been paid or is sure if their Nigerian tax liability will be met by the company or may one day come and bite them hard in the nyash

Nigerian Personal Income Tax

Under the Personal Income Tax Act, both Nigerian and foreign residents in Nigeria are subject to tax on their worldwide income. Personal income tax rates range from 5% to 30% on taxable incomes. Property taxes are assessed by state governments.

Read more: Taxation - Nigeria - export, sector Taxation - Nigeria - export, sector
Nigerian Federal Inland Revenue Service

How to pay PIT
The law requires a taxable person to file the returns of income or a declaration of his annual income/remuneration for the current year with the relevant Tax Authority where he is resident. For each year of assessment, you are required to file a return of income in the prescribed form and containing necessary information, with the relevant Tax authority where the taxable person is deemed to be resident. This return is to be accompanied by a true and correct statement in writing containing:
a) the amount of income from every source during the year preceding
the year of assessment,
b) such particulars as may be required for the purpose of the Act with
respect to any such income, allowances, reliefs, deductions etc.
c) a declaration by him or on his behalf that the return contains a true
and correct statement of the income disclosed on the form, in
accordance with the provisions of the Act.

Where to Pay PIT (FIRS jurisdiction only)
The FIRS has jurisdiction over the taxation of all individuals in employment including self-employed persons and enterprises resident in FCT Abuja. Accordingly, all taxable persons, self employed/enterprises in the FCT are obliged to file annual PIT/PAYE returns with the FIRS at any of the following Integrated tax offices located within Abuja FCT based on the approved areas of coverage:
S/N Offices Assigned to Collect PTI/PAYE Functional Coverage
If you wish to contact the Federal Inland Revenue Service to inquire about your tax matters it's


Federal Inland Revenue Service,
Plot 15, Sokode Crescent,
Wuse Zone 5,
PMB 33 Garki,

Complaints/Grievance Redress Mechanism:-
Make complaints or grievances in writing, telephone, e-mail or visits to:

First level
Mr. B.A Ibrahim
Federal Inland Revenue Service
15, Sokode Cresent, Wuse Zone 5
0803 651 6268; 0805 650 9373
E-mail: [email protected]

Second level
Mr. Bassey E.E.
Corporate Communications Department
Federal Inland Revenue Service
15, Sokode Cresent, wuse Zone 5
0806 158 6185; 0702 787 6940
E-mail: [email protected]

Third level
Executive Chairman, FIRS
Federal Inland Revenue Service
15, Sokode Cresent, Wuse Zone 5
09 6701467
E-mail: [email protected]

My tax affairs are in order, are yours?
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