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I regard myself a lesser person for having failed to aspire to Mr Holley's high standards of integrity and industry.
Particularly in view of the statement below posted elsewhere. In which DH "names and shames" a previous colleague for daring to have a view that differs from his own.

Fill Brancis

Our “friend” Del C Diner, aka xxxxx xxxxx has now taken the thread that he started with the responses to BA and one crew member has since been suspended, this ex BASSA rep really is the lowest of the low. I have contacted him to let him know how I feel and predictably he took my message straight to Tony McCarthy. He sort of forgot that BA have no control over me any more.

Not only did he strike break for personal promotion but he then came on this Forum and started a taunting thread. He then took some replies to BA and caused someone to be suspended. In all my flying career his actions are the nastiest and lowest I have ever encountered.
Please no one respond to this message other than a bump because as sure as eggs are eggs xxxx xxxx will report you and cost you your job. Just ensure his name is “known”.
Finally can I say Hi to Tony McCarthy as I know he will be reading this message very shortly. How’s the bullying going Tony? How’s the union busting going? By the way don’t get too cosy with xxxx xxxx he’s a bit of a snake. Regards to Willie – Love Duncan
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