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Imposition of crewing levels and the suspension of some Amicus and Bassa reps for fighting in a car park on BA property led to the two sides uniting and probably pressure from the parent union Unite.

I was an Amicus member of 21 years since it started as Cabin crew 89 back in 1989. Bassa longhaul reps broke away, on mass, to start up Cabin crew 89 because they could no longer work with the more militant shorthaul reps. With the support of BALPA the pilot's union CC89 came about based at BALPA's offices. The few remaining Bassa longhaul reps continued as BASSA worldwide and have over the years had a feud with the reps that were previously their collegues. Later on CC89 became part of Amicus and changed it's name to Amicus. Now Amicus and the TGWU have joined to become Unite and this has caused problems for the more moderate Amicus reps.

I am so saddened that out of this mess I seem to have lost the representation of the Amicus reps and I therefore resigned from Unite as a result.
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