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Originally Posted by leiard View Post
We seem to get a lot of comments from BASSA members but never hear anything from Amicus members. From what we read the two groups do not seem to agree on anything, Are they happy be associated with what is being published by BASSA,

I wonder if any Amicus members would like comment.
Of course there are no longer any Amicus members. (End of the official line)......The divide is still there because a lot of people joined Amicus because they were not satisfied with the results of being represented by the T&G. Others of course were from engineering backgrounds. Amicus was always a moderate TU.
They see this as a T&G/BASSA mess. A lot of the other sections who have reached agreements are from Amicus backgrounds.
Most members loyalties end with the the Local full time official or rep and are only interested in their own workplace. Most Amicus members away from Heathrow (Like the vast majority of the nation) have no interest in the dispute and indeed know nothing about it.
From a personal point of view publications, like the one under discussion at the moment, are an embarrassment. To compare anyone working in companies like BA with oppressed peoples who's struggles are a matter of life and death is absurd.
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