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Notice that his name is spelt incorectly (sic) in that advert also.
Some people refewse to use there spilling chucker.

I have a question about the "newsletter". It would seem that Nicky Marcus was suspended, charged with gross misconduct and faces dismissal. This because she spoke to the crew involved in the famous onboard vandalism incident and, according to BASSA, advised them to "stick to the facts".

Does this mean that she meant "stick to her version of the facts" or "don't tell them anything" and was therefore the rep suspended for interfering with communications between BA and its crew, once BA found out she was trying to help conceal the truth?

Of course it does. It was a rhetorical question.

Another BASSAmentalist gone hopefully.

Oh and finally: I read this on some site where they like to talk about flyers, and they were commenting on the BASSA response to it. This was quoted from a "forum".

I enjoy reading every one of the Newsletters. They are always so well written with insight and subtle irony. This time, it's bold as brass and a hopefully a slap in the face for those that haven't quite got it yet. I loved the facts about the 75% of "eligible" crew who went on strike. Made me feel so much better. This is SO. not over. As XXXX we are in the majority and this gives me the confidence for the next round. Bring it on and thank you to what is left of our loyal and brave Reps who put it together.
Completely insane, no? I daresay some of our CC friends with access to the hell that is a BASSA forum could probably find more rabid examples of blind, competely misguided loyalty.

Shouldn't be too hard to finish off this bunch of zombies.

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