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You do NOT squawk 7700 if you are turning to avoid wx and require ATC attention. That is the most ridiculous piece of advice I have read on this forum.
lol, thanks for your input.

You obviously think it's ok to deviate from an ATC clearance without telling anyone then?

You'd best have a chat with the people at the NATS training centre if you think that they are giving out ridiculous advice.

They went to great lengths to try and persuade us pilots not to be afraid of using 7700.

They also went to great lengths to persuade their controllers to get aircraft to squawk 7700 if unable to comply with a clearance for any reason.

In another case explored at the TRUCE session an Easyjet aircraft was unwilling to climb and take certain vectors after receiving a huge lightning strike. The aircraft was not on a PAN or a MAYDAY, but they'd just received a massive strike, lost a couple of minor systems and wanted to divert back to LGW without going near to any other weather. The controller was very obliging, but in doing so became extremely overloaded since other aircraft kept entering his sector and this EZY was in the way. The trainer impressed upon the controllers that amongst other things the EZY should have been made to wear 7700. This one action would have stopped other aircraft entering his sector and allowed him to deal with the difficult aircraft.

Not my rules and I'm not making this up for the fun of it.

If you don't like it, don't do it. (that assumes you're a pilot)

But before spouting off on here I suggest you speak to the NATS training department to get their opinion.

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