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Unite's broadsheet

Some odd points that arise from reading the above;

In so many words they say that the union has been decimated and is no longer an effective organisation and, that there are effectively no longer any reps. So far - so good - but then they ask for full or part time volunteers to be reps, no mention of any ideas of election of new reps, so the existing power structure still holds sway and cannot be challenged and nothing will change - so go forward suckers and do your duty!! (without pay?) - and vote as you are told to with a democratic show of hands.

It said that every dismissal or disciplinary action is one sided and totally wrong, wild generalities are being thrown around. Could we therefore see in print, from Unite or Bassa, details of the actions and reasons behind these actions, signed by the persons dismissed or disciplined and the penalties applied, so that we can better judge ourselves. Or of course a brief statement by the 'wronged' parties stating that they did not wish to pursue the matter any further.

I would assume that the idea of Bassa or Unite having a office of any sort in T5 would be totally unacceptable to BA, and that in any event BA's approval would have to be given before any tenancy in T5 was agreed.

Would I be right in assuming that the episode with the milk on bunks and, that of the ditching tape, constitutes industrial sabotage within civil aviation and as such warrants a prison sentence, which also has ramifications for anyone seeking to alter evidence and witnesses statements to any investigating body?

These are just thoughts arising of course, which may be simply due to the rather unprofessional nature of the communication.
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