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Weather avoidance and ATC

Earlier today i was flying into a busy airport where there was alot of weather in the TMA. Also it was very busy at the time.

Now some aircraft were telling ATC, i'm heading xxx to avoid. Other aircraft were requesting xxx due weather and waiting for clearance. At the same time some departing aircraft were constantly requesting further climb/descent as they were levelling off (no weather avoidance so as far as i'm concerned these guys/gals went to the back of the que). However alot of aircraft and ATC were stepping all over each other and there were many many garbled transmisions. Was a bit of a mess and the service provided by the guy on approach was absolutely fantastic. I can imagine he's since gone home and collapsed on his bed in an exhausted heap.

However my question is when cb's and other aircraft are a factor, what do you do. Request and wait for approval or just tell atc what you're doing. (remember TMA not enroute)

For those wondering what we did. We told ATC we're doing xxx because the red on the radar screen was getting very close and there was very little space to manouver. clouds to the left of me clouds to the right of me stuck in the middle for all you steelers wheel fans.

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