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Always more nose up than a conventional a/c.

As you note, about 4 in the CRZ. About 10.5 degs on approach.

As part of the performance calcs we calculated a 'theta 2' value of pitch. This was bugged on the ADI with a little bug controlled from a thumbwheel on the yoke - at all speeds very accurate pitch control was required, hance this device and the ADI being calibrated in 1 degree increments.

Theta 2 was attitude reqd to obtain V2 in the first segment with one engine out, i.e. the target attitude if an engine failed after V1. Once the gear was up (second segment) one would pitch up a little to hold V2 until 600ft then start initial accel.

On all engines, one held it until 250kts then pitched up to maintain that speed. You'd typically reach it before passing over the M25 departing LHR to the West.

In all cases, as soon as SID altitude or noise abatement limits had been reached you went to the barber's pole asap (400kts initially) as this was where best performance lay.
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