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Originally Posted by EXWOK
there's still lots that hasn't been hinted at on this thread
EXWOK, more than happy to take a hint........PLEASE! and welcome to this gem of a thread.

With the FBW, was there any feedback built into the yoke? The Airbus with it's "joystick" has, I believe, no feel unlike a Flight Sim force feedback one.
If there was a yoke movement on one side did the other side mirror the movement or like the Airbus did the sidestick play dead?

M2, it appears the tailwheel was, so far, the only "fault" in an otherwise extreme machine. Were there any other items like the tailwheel that were unworthy to be in her?

Does anyone have a tech drawing of the "sliding seals" used in the hydraulics. I have trouble visualising something that could withstand the 4,000psi pressure. Why was such a high pressure used? After all the control surfaces couldn't have required that much input to effect an authority movement. I understand it was also a special fluid that was used. Was this because of the pressure it was under or the temperature extremes?
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