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Approach handling was an interesting exercise - being so far down the back of the drag curve (over 100kts below best L/D) very accurate thrust handling was required.

The autothrottle was always used for approach if servicable, except for a two-engined approach, and was absolutely excellent. There were two, operating in parallel, and if the speed was more than a couple of knots out for more than a few seconds it was unusual. In IAS ACQ mode there was an active input from the INS which tracked grounspeed and so enabled anticipatory throttle movements during wind changes - if an autoland runway was available the preferred method of dealing with an approach likely to experience windshear was to carry out an autoland. (I think I speak for everyone, though, if I express a preference for the just going somewhere else option).

In Supercruise one autothrottle only was rearmed if the associated autopilot was engaged - it wasn't active but was available to cater for sudden drops in temperature which could cause unpleasant sudden high rates of climb if the temp shear was sufficient.

The rest of the flight - basically manual thrust, usually with the throttles fully forward.

Maybe one day we'll start making aeroplanes with such sophisticated systems again...........there's still lots that hasn't been hinted at on this thread
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