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Originally Posted by Biggles78
...The altitude flown was due to temperature and weight of the areoplane. This is true of all aeroplanes...
Sorry Bellerophon, a badly worded question from me but you gave a really good analogy. Gonna remember that even though I don't like my Flight Plans have collagen filled lips. I will see if I can reword it to make it comprehensible.

Thank you for the Instrument Panel image that I have now added to my collection. What is the Yellow Arc on the Mach metre that starts at about M1.12?
Do you remember if you had a signifigant headwind at that stage? I notice that the G/S is 1,139kts was this fairly standard for an East-West flight? (DUH me. Just read the fastest crossing was an east-west direction. Winds must have been quite favorable) I am now guessing the displayed G/S would be fairly typical, plus or minus a bit.
The Glide Ratio, even if it is a highly educated guess, is impressive. I would not have expected it to have been about the same as a B747. How many more times is this Lady going to surprise me with her performance.

Also notice the ball is slightly off to the left even though it is still inside the lines. Was this normal or does it need a tad more rudder trim? Can't imagine it is really out of balance.

Originally Posted by Bellerophon
Everyone preferred it that way, especially the F/O and F/E!
Was that because of the tight fit on the flight deck or because we really don't like others in our workspace?

ChristiaanJ thanks for the CoG diagram. That I am still getting my head around. There is a large range at the bottom and top of the speed range but fairly narrow in the mid speed range. Seems like 165T was a less complex balancing act than it was at 105T.

The center rear fuselage gear unit, what was that for? I have seen it deployed on many occasions but I can't for the life of me remember if it was during T/O or LDG however it didn't seem to be extended every time the aeroplane flew. Was this used during loading so she didn't accidently "rotate" at the ramp or to avoid a tailstrike during LDG? I can't imagine an over rotate during T/O.

And a big Thank You to Bellerophon for sharing his knowledge with this thread.
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