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Re the questions about depressurisation, this may be useful.

It shows the emergency descent profile (solid line, 'Avion'), and the resulting effect on the cabin altitude (dotted lines) in the cases of one window ('hublot') blowing out with either three or four air conditioning packs ('groupes') operating.

As the graph shows, in the worst case the cabin altitude rises to about 40,000ft for about two minutes before starting to drop again, which is survivable when breathing oxygen.

It was studies like this, that lead to the small windows on Concorde. Keen spotters may actually notice that the windows on the prototypes are bigger than on all the other aircraft

The diagram is taken from "The Concorde Story" by Chris Orlebar, but the original was so pale that it was uncopyable, so I did redraw it, in answer to a question by a French friend (hence the legends in French).
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