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Originally Posted by M2dude View Post
[Re microprocessors on Concorde]
ChristiaanJ, for once my friend you're not quite correct. The Plessey PVS1580 Aircraft Integrated Data System, fitted to all BA aircraft from mid' 1977 used a microprocessor in the data entry panel. In the mid-80's, a fault interrrogation module was fitted to the Engine Control Units; this used a 4 bit Intel 4004.
You're right, M2dude, I should really have written that there were no µPs on board when she first went into service (1976), and that they only slowly filtered in afterwards.

Another example on the BA aircraft, of course, in full view of the pax, were the "Marilake" cabin displays that showed Mach, altitude, speed, etc. that replaced the earlier Mach-only displays, and where everybody just HAD to have their picture taken once at Mach 2. Each of the four displays (two up front, two at the back) had a micro-processor.

Not sure when those were first fitted.... it was during one of the cabin re-do's and livery changes.
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