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COSMO-SkyMed Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Satellites

Thanks BackOffice for taking the time to delve into COSMO-SkyMed image gallery at:-

Which leads me to correcting an earlier post where I said that there were 3 COSMO satellites operating in 2009. That was true, but only from September. Consequently, with the lack of satellites operating with the SAR package, the Pollution Spot found on 02 June 2009 was fortuitous, and neither of the two available satellites made any passes over this location during the prior 30 hours.

As the images available from the Terra and Aqua MODIS satellites posted by SaturnV show, the cloud cover and lack of resolution in these "visible wavelength" images is a problem.

D Bru
and Mr Optimistic's links to the FAB press releases and images also reveal that those "oil slicks" reported well to the SE/SSE of the LKP were not relevant. The positions noted in various items published by the FAB's media arm, were always "suspect" (imo) and impossible to work with. They looked good in the graphics! Hopefully the FAB's positions for the photographs that have been published were made available to the Drift Group, in which case they must have been eliminated.

The Pollution Spot (oil slick/stain) we are looking at is not related to anything found by the FAB in their search operation.

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