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grizzled, Bearfoil;

The original oil slick sighted by air on 02 June 2009 was the reason the search shifted over 40NM SE of the LKP. A number of miscellaneous debris items (not AF447 related) were eventually recovered from this location, and it was reported at the time that samples of the slick were taken. I have seen no mention of the results, so assume it was negative for kerosene distillates.

It wasn't until surface vessels arrived that the debris located above could be discounted, and this delay let the the real debris "get away".

FluidFlow seems to have developed a means of integrating identified debris and drift positions with the SAR Pollution Spot. I have asked him for some further information, but on first look it appears promising. One has to ask though, how a debris field managed to pass around or through the LKP ~ TASIL track without being sighted until the "Ursula" fortuitously spotted debris on the afternoon of 5 June.

As I have said before, the SAR "search phase" is often compromised when a "little bit of knowledge" can swing the focus off on a tangent, and precious time is lost.


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