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Surprised none of the experienced guys on here commented on the release of the final investigation into this crash which was reported this week.
The eha received plenty of criticism in the report which was expected but can anyone tell me how atc missed them? surely having left eha they would have been in contact with dublin and then possibly baldonnell?
If they were heading to shannon a flight plan would have been filed and as the onus is on a tower controlled field to close the flight plan,should atc have been criticised also?
How can an aircraft disappear??? these two men were in the wreckage all night...suppose one or both could have been saved.
I am sure some you experienced pilots will have all the answers to this but i myself as a student pilot have had one or two "issues" with atc regarding flight plans.Twice in waterford despite having phoned operations the day before to file a plan when i arrived the next day as scheduled, the tower has"no record of your flight plan sir"....the second time i recorded it on my phone whilst making the plan.
Any experienced pilots with further views on this please?
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