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Thank you for the excellent post and graphic. From memory (different computer), I recall an ACARS entry Re: FPV. Was it not selected and reported by the Flight Computer as unavailable? My assumption then is that the crew wished to select The FPV (bird) due to some need for it, in a cockpit that had become if not unintelligible, at least highly demanding? If flight data was displayed, and serviceable, augmenting the available cues with duplicative data might have been extraneous? The crew would have wanted to simplify the screens and distill the cues to regain control, no? The FPV u/s record fits with a screen that was either too busy or unavailable and a crew who were attempting a recovery from upset? The other possibility would be that the A/P trip happened after loss of control and the pilots may have been incapacitated due to the loads of uncontrolled flight and the computer volunteered an admission of degraded control/available instrumentation?