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BlackPrince77, don't take the non-recommendation too hard because not everyone gets through on the first go. Take it as an opportunity to improve on all of the areas that you think you might be deficient. You have to remember that you only get one shot at FSP but you get three shots when it comes to the testing process prior to FSP. It will be much better for you when you can blitz your way through the testing process and defense interview and then when you get to the OSB you will much more confident in yourself and your personal and professional qualities.

I was initially knocked back when I first attempted the testing process and I was only 18 at the time. I'm in my mid 20s now and when I think back to myself when I was 18 I can fully understand why I didn't get through. I was very confident in myself but I really did lack the life experience, flying experience and demonstrative leadership. I'm not saying that you necessarily are deficient in those areas but you want to be the best candidate you can be when it comes to the OSB. So a knock back now might not seem the best but when you come to the stage you were at again and go further you will be personally better for it and also better for the RAAF on the other side.

Thanks for the well-wishes everyone. I'm off to go and bust a few aerobatic moves this morning to get myself ready for FSP. It is a stunningly beautiful CAVOK morning and I can't wait to get out there.
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