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Well i believe having not held many leadership positions in my past did partially effect the outcome at least. Although i studied heavily on all topics regarding the RAAF including extra things like what leadership is, what makes a good leader, role of an officer etc. My interview went quite well besides having nothing to show i loved planes, i had an answer for his every questions, and quite good answers too

I've been reading every single page of this 70+ page thread over the last few days copying to word every useful hint and link that will help me for next time. Congratulations on getting as far as possible, its now just up to them to call and enlist you You can bet 1000000% i will have things for each of those points next July when i go back there for assessment day again.

Overall, recruiter did also say i was a little young too, especially only just turning 18 (compared to most guys he said were 19/20). At the time he told me to come back i was quite devastated (almost broke down) , but i am glad he did now because if he had let me through i would have had to face the OSB with a shitty resume with no leadership experiences and the recruiter told me that even if i was the best pilot in the world and scored perfect at FSP the OSB wouldn't care as they would "think" i have no officer potential which i DO, but have nothing to prove it so i would have got knocked back anyway. Now i will do everything i can to show off my qualities (especially leadership), i believe that by next July i will be so prepared that i really don't see how i won't make it into FSP Especially since i almost did this time (so he said) with nothing special to show (in writing).

Well i was classed as 3R too i think, everyone on assessment day will get 3R, 3T or 3M i think (not sure exactly) but i believe unless those medical conditions you had or symptoms are recurring there's no reason why you wouldn't pass the medical now. They might ask you about them to see how its going with them, but if they are not recurring like you say there shouldn't be anything to worry about.

Thanks guys.
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