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You would have to wonder why everyone is hanging on the edge of their seats for a report. unless it was an actual process failure, what can be achieved from it?. Yes it is sad, and a tragic loss of life, but actually having someone to blame for it isn't going to improve a damn thing.
You can have as many processes and procedures as you like to achieve a result, but if the PIC diverts away from them and causes an accident, what can you do?. no-one I know goes out of their way to cause an accident, and we all sign stuff that says we intend to adhere to the stated procedures, and yet an accident occurred. Did she follow procedure/process? we may never know, but probably not, as the accident happened.
As long as the report doesn't show a systemic failure, what other than blaming is to be achieved by it?.
In a situation such as this one, the report will be at best an educated guess based on the few facts they can glean from paperwork and witnesses.
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