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Some people are being very sensible here and giving good advice to someone who, like me, is very worried about their prospects post-training.

I too my time and thought ahead enough to get tagged through training, unfortunately like so many, that tag has diminished from a "we have a record of taking on 100% of our tagged students" into "we can't afford to take anyone on" and so, I'm in the same spot as many.

Networking, getting your name out there and keeping on slogging it seems to be the only hope we ab-initio ~200 hours lot have. There are jobs out there, and people are getting employed, though it's in teeny tiny dribbles.

Good advice is not 'you're screwed, pay for Ryanair or GTFO', that's unhelpful. I doubt there's a single pilot fresh out of training that isn't aware of the Ranair route. I for one can't go that route. I can just about save myself from bankrupcy at the moment but if I fork out another 30k for a maybe-job, if I don't get it I'm definately going under. Like so many, this means the security on the loan will be repossessed, and currently that would be my Father's house.

Risks are not an option.

Sure if you can afford to go the Ryanair route then worst case is you'll have more hours and a rating. For those of us who can't afford to make that leap on a chance any and all advice is welcome. Any and all avenues are chased down, all contacts possible are made and kept.

At the end of the day, someone needs pilots somewhere and whereas it might be completely different from what you wanted or expected, it'll be something.

The only advice I can give to all my fellows in my situation is: Keep slogging it, don't loose heart and it'll come about somehow, someday.
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