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I know no one has been offered a place yet so the finance discussion may be a bit redundant. However, no point in putting in the effort if financing is impossible. For some it may require extensive travel to the interviews so they need to know its worth it.

From what people have been saying here I gather this to be an impossible scenario(s).

a.) Recent graduate, 22years of age. No savings realistically. Parents still paying mortgage without a spare 50k lying around to support said graduate with finance other than to secure any loan on house.

b.) 32year old saved up for long time to pay for CPL but is now too old to realistically form a career to make the investment worthwhile

c.) Graduate with rich parents support him with cash investment

So out of all them person C is the only one who can really look to go on/ benefit this scheme?

Person A being most applicable to myself - does he stand a chance at all? Say he gets on the TC scheme, his parents put up the security for the finance can he get a loan for the full amount with this security plus the help to gain security from TC and then pay it back when in work.
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