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"Even if you go moduar, you should budget for this route, Inc T/R, costing you at least - AT LEAST - 80k overall."

Clanger, does your figure of 80k overall for a modular course "include" TR costs?

I'm nearly completing my training and IF I incur any debt, it will be minimised due to keeping any loan at bay for the last 10 years and my debt would be around half or a just a quarter of that 80k (incl. TR and depending what a/c I choose to fly and how I get my TR). The overall total modular cost for me (excl. a TR) would be around 40-50k. If your including the cost of a TR within this cost, then your figure is more accurate.

I do know a few other ways in without paying for a TR, so don't get too immersed in having to "pay for TR" - it's simply not the case, if you research hard enough, time it right and find the right deal.

One should not just aim for the airlines either, there are other jobs, just as much fun and with a resonable salary and I'm not necessarily just talking about the big jets.

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