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I do actually understand what you're saying, but stop and think for a moment - you don't want to fly the CPL or IR test with 82k debt hanging? Totally understandable. But you'd rather do it having spent 50k and with no job to go to, knowing that the chances of GETTING a job are slim (to say the least!)?

For you - clearly this isn't the right opportunity. You've stated that and I respect that. Clearly you have your head screwed on. Just do NOT overestimate how easy it is to get into Ryanair. It really, really isn't that easy. I speak as someone who failed to do so.

FWIW [clearly] I disagree that the scheme is disappointingly organised. For my money, anyone who is planning to undertake professional pilot training would be an absolute fool to not look at this....the cost is a nasty headline fact, agreed. Indeed the financial requirements will prohibit some otherwise excellent candidates from applying (although I get REALLY fed up of people claiming "it's my dream, but I don't have a property to secure a loan on - it's not fair!" but not actually being prepared to go work and earn the money to fund it!) but the truth is - in actuality, the fact that it leads to a job almost certainly (for instance TCX honoured their cadet commitments in 2008/09 when the market was at it's worst -so you should have some confidence) makes the OVERALL package probably cheaper than the route to a flying job through any other method. The headline cost, doesn't always reveal the full picture.
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