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My main point was this: All in all despite the benefits of such a scheme the big matter is the 81k

historyftw - that's it in a nutshell. That's why the competition for such schemes is actually very very limited given the 81k hurdle.

I personally would never go self-sponsored integrated as the thought of doing a CPL/IR test with 82k hanging over my head does not appeal, and I actually think modular + RYR TR is a better option for me, as I'm paying chunks at a time.

It's a really disappointingly organised scheme in the end, but there will be those for whom 81k is small change and so this is perfect.

A word of warning - anyone thinking of securing loans on parents properties should come to the conclusion that they can not afford it. You do not risk a family home that's taken 25 years to pay for on on a blue book.
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