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"Pitch" auto callout in the 320

this one is for experts, since, as usual, the FCOM explais little about this auto callout.

When is it exactly triggered?
Which computer is in charge of doing it?

Why on earth so many things in this airplane have to be transparent to us?

And something related with the above: according to the FCOM bulletin 806/1 p5 (Avoiding Tailstrikes) it says that, during a typical flare, pitch "will increase by approximately 4.5".
Does it mean that pitch at touch down will be 4.5 approx or that it will be increased 4.5, that is, approximately 2.5 + 4.5 = 7?

I think 7 is quite a nose up attitude. Sometimes I reach 7, but when I do what I consider perfect landings, pitch will rarely exceed 5.

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