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does age MATTER???? thats the big question

So im a bit confused whether age matters in this industry. im 23 going onto 24 and been thinking for the past year about doing flight training from ppl all the way up to ATPL.. i tried to get into a school in march this year but missed the pass mark by 1 point to get accepted, so i been searching around for other schools US,Europe,Australia,South pacific, South Africa etc but i ask myself do i need to do it now?

theres still so much of the world i want to see and do, do i really want to sit down and do 2 years of intense studying and training right now and then try work, when i can possible do it later on in my life? As i said ill be 24 in couple months so im not getting any younger and few of my pilot friends tell me i should start straight away with training while i can as i dont have many obligations right now rent, own a car, wife,kids etc

So i was wondering is it ok to hold off flight training for 2 or maybe 4 years and come back into it later in life when im say 28 and then bust out 2 years training?

any insight to this would be much appreciated.

safe flying
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