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Question How old is too old?

Hey guys!

Just heard from a chap who got charged a load of money for a Ryanair interview/sim check, and was then told "off the record" that he was too old for the job anyway - and that no-one else would be interested..

He is 36.

This has got me worried - I'm 33 this month and can't start the CPL until my wife finishes her maternity leave in 6 months time - so I'm going to be pushing it and probably end up in the same situation!

So - realistically, what are the age limits? Can I still break into the industry in my mid 30s - and more to the point... how?

Thanks in advance for all constructive comments!

TSR22 (I know the extra 2 shouldn't be there - it was a typo I couldnt change..!!)

P.S. Not just thinking about the big jets here - turboprops would suit me just fine..
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