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Peter H
What would have happened if the pilot was warned of the imminent pitot-tube failure and then flew the plane appropriately for unreliable-airspeed [e.g. flying attitude & power]?

Would this have kept the wolves at bay until the plane was out of the ice-crystal conditions?
The short answers are: Yes,probably so, assuming the aircraft continued to fly like an aircraft, but NO, if activation of a protection mode took control of the aircraft away from the crew and actually caused the loss of control, for example, the Vmo/Mmo protection mode scenario.
Airbus protections work on the mother knows best principle. The crew is outvoted. Perhaps the crew should have their own button to allow them to use their human airmanship over that of the computers. Not necessarily as in direct mode, but rather like a protection override button, something to be used with great caution, knowing that the Monday morning quarterbacks will be looking over your shoulder and you had better be right in your decision.

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