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Angel Didn't anybody see the chalk dust?

Bluejuice please tell me that this is your idea of a joke.

For you to have the knowledge of our pay breakdown suggests that you may be more than a Probationary first time poster! Grow a pair and use your usual handle so that we know who you are rather than snipe incendiary rounds into a heated matter which lets be honest is about the abuse of aviators and crews.


I think all of us here are more than aware of the fact that there are pay issues. We need to come back to the fact that it pays better than unemployment.

The moral of this surely must be don't work for a Nigerian Company
We are not Nigerian and not in need of moral guidance thank you. We know that Nigeria is home of the 419, etc, etc but facts are facts even if they make us wear grass skirts and beat us at the end of the day IT IS STILL BETTER THAN UNEMPLOYMENT.

Back to the shock bit, sorry did it come as a big shock that we were not going to get paid on time or at all in many cases, errrm yes, the contract from Arik in London quite clearly said something to the effect of, we get in the plane fly it somewhere and bring it back for 30 days and they put money in our bank.........

Now the contract also has lots of other stuff about transport and accommodation etc, etc we deep down knew that they were never going to give us even half of what was promised, that was a disappointment but not a shock. Now getting paid late by a few days here and there again not really a shocker, annoying but no shock.

Not getting paid at all, having colleagues sacked or suspended on the whim of an incompetent and egotistical Chief Pilot for looking at him in a funny way, wearing a loud shirt in a built up area or having an offensive wife are not at all something that most of us foresaw.

To be honest, I consider myself an educated man and though I am not an expert on the travelling habits of one Private William T Santiago I do know that I expect even Nigerians to pay me for work that I have done.

Seeing however as you can see so clearly into the future perhaps you can tell me where the best place to go from here is please?

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