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@ Jimmy Recard

Iíve got a couple of flying lessons booked for this weekend and looking to do maybe between 5-10 hours prior to Flight Screening.
Initially, my thoughts mirrored this plan of attack (5-10 hours). But after careful deliberation I decided it to be more relevant to gain experience in an aircraft similar to the CT4. I've decided to book a few flights in a Decathlon in order to get accustomed with a control stick, rather then a control column. Also, I'll be able to experience some G-force maneuvers. I want to be put out of my comfort zone, so I'll have some sort of aerobatic exposure before giving flight screening a whirl.

Would love to hear if anyone gets into the upcoming DEO FSP courses and Iíll do the same Ė Iím guessing we wonít hear anything for another few weeks though.
I received a letter in the post from PSA in Tamworth today confirming that they have received my dossier. They state in the letter that selections for the program are conducted approximately 2 weeks prior to the start of the course. The next course starts on the 21 Aug; so here's fingers crossed for you and I getting a call on the 7th of August!
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