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Pilot Selection Process

Hi Guys,

Just finished reading this thread (only took about three days ) and thought I would post my experience of the application process so far. Iím applying for DEO RAAF or RAN pilot (originally Army as well but Iím 191cm tall so was of course notified that Iím now above the maximum sitting height). Like a few here my file has been sent off to PSA in the last few weeks so will hopefully get a call for one of the August/October courses. Interesting to see quite a few older guys on here going through the application process; Iím 27 in August and thought I would be one of the older applicants, but now Iím feeling quite sprightly!

My experience with DFR sounds pretty similar to many here and the best advice I can give to others applying is the same as BlackBird a few pages back. Be proactive about your application; keep calling/emailing them to find out whatís happening etc. I originally applied September 2009 and if I hadnít been in constant contact (particularly with the medical section) I would be months behind where I am now. At one point they told me I had provided all required information and that my file would be sent to PSA within a few days. I rang a month or so later and they told me they were still waiting for me to supply information regarding an issue that had not been mentioned for months. This sort of thing has been commonplace throughout my application process.

In relation to the initial aptitude testing and interviews just about everything you need to know is in this thread somewhere. One thing Iíve seen mentioned that applied to me Ė make sure you brush up on your high school (and I mean down to Year 10 level) maths. I have done advanced maths at uni and some pretty heavy calculus etc. and I couldnít remember SOH-CAH-TOA because I havenít done any trig for nearly 10 years.

Iíve got a couple of flying lessons booked for this weekend and looking to do maybe between 5-10 hours prior to Flight Screening. I know this has been discussed previously but just wondering what others think of getting some lessons / how many hours they have (or had) etc., especially those who have just been to FSP or looking to go soon. It seems like a good idea to me to have at least some command of the controls before going to Tamworth even though the flying component is scored on learning ability. My uncle is an ex-Army pilot and he suggested I not have too many lessons as ďthere is only one way to fly in the military and that is their wayĒ, so i figure 5-10 might be about right. Anyway it will be the first time Iíve flown anything so really looking forward to it!

Apologies for the essayÖ Would love to hear if anyone gets into the upcoming DEO FSP courses and Iíll do the same Ė Iím guessing we wonít hear anything for another few weeks though.


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