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Question Manual vs AP

I'm not a complete technophobe (hey I can program my VCR!), in fact I work in the tech industry, but I can say that Airbus software is almost certainly FLAWED.
Before you start, no I am not saying that has anything to do with this incident, merely that probability tells us that the sheer volume of code, and the complexity of the calculations involved for each of the permutations involved means that it could be flawed in several ways. It may be missing an essential response simply because the circumstances haven't happened yet for them to be added to the code.
It may have an error in incident response code for circumstances it DOES knows about, but that haven't happened yet. It may have flaws in code that does get executed, but doesn't have a significant or noticeable impact on aircraft activity.
But it IS flawed, I guarantee you that.
So to all you technophobes: Yes, the Pilot should always be ready (and able) to take control in the blink of an eye.
To all you technophiles: It's written by HUMANS. Humans make mistakes. Ergo it makes mistakes. Be ready for them!
Here endeth the lesson, aaaaaaaamennnnnn.

P.S. In the 36th century, Robots will take over and come back looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Is that what you want? 'Cos that's what'll happen!
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