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I suspect that 'chips' was easier for the staff to understand than 'french fried potatoes'... And yes, it was a guest.

Ever been to a pongo mess where you all sit next to each other on a long table?
No, but for ultimate efficiency, I recall when the Wardroom at RNEC Manadon fed and watered several dozen JMC attendees in record time at breakfast. "Would you sit here, please sir? Which of these 2 choices would you like?" - meanwhile about 6 places to the left the choices were being delivered. Incredible efficiency - and yet polite and well-mannered at the same time.

mgd, when you've spent all day working in London trussed up in a suit and tie and have returned to the Club at 1900 for a quick shower before dinner, the urge to go out to find somewhere to eat is often lacking. As is the desire to wear a tie for dinner. Although I accept that it might, perhaps, be different for tourists.

Unfortunately the nearby Greek restaurant which was excellent is now a tapas bar.....
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