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In my opinion the place is dying on its feet, it's just a matter of time....

The few times in my RAF career that I tried to book into the club there was no space available. The perception, amongst many junior officers, rightly or wrongly (that's the whole point about a perception, it might not be correct, but that doesn't stop it being held), is that all the rooms are booked months in advance by retired senior officers who the junior ranks just end up subsidising.

Anyway, given it used to be half a days pay to belong, after several years of not using the club, the money I had laid out would have easily paid for hotel costs on the rare occassions that I visted London. Terminating my membership was therefore an easy decision to make, and one I have never regretted.

By the way, what was an RAF officer doing ordering "chips" as part of his evening meal.......or was it a guest?
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