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Originally Posted by BEagle;57833921.
Hardly any of the staff have an acceptable grasp of English.
However one at least of the conceirge staff has a firm grasp of TfL and all about st Clement's Danes.

2. The Running Horse is supposed to have a last food order time of 2015. Which is absurdly early. However, last time I was there the staff began to close up at 2005; a couple who placed an order at 2007 were told "We no have chips" - what that really meant was "We can't be arsed to cook any as it's almost closing time".
Not had that problem but it could be better; much prefered the buttery.

5. At breakfast, the staff are keen to make you sit at a 'Club table' -
but you might get to meet interesting people. Last time I was there Paddy Hine was head of table.

6. I don't know what the 'Please swipe in' sign referred to - I ignored it.
I swipe but Mrs PN doesn't. How many sign in their guests?

Fred is still the ever-efficient chap he's always been.
and you forgot the charming lady behind the bar in the Cowdray Room.

While the charges for overseas guests brings in welcome revenue and a reduction in members' charges, Mrs PN does think we should be shown proper deference and priority. I look forward to my RAF Club "L" tie.

as they only have a XXV tie I shall have to wear two.

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