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AhhhVC813, your sentence

I believe that too many people comment on things that they know nothing about.
is exactly correct.

(A certain 37-year old "trainer" with 16 000 hours and 15 years in one airline, which makes him a tender 22 when he joined..., AND who has still managed to fly "all types", comes to mind).

Personally, thanks to the people who have posted meaningful and thoughtful replies to a topic which, after all, discusses the death of 143 people.

To seriph and his spoiler mates, while it is your 'right' to be patronising, disparaging and rude to people about a subject that you successfully give the impression of knowing very little about, it might be an idea to start a new thread where you can all squabble and argue among yourselves, and come away feeling victorious about having 'won'.
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